Painting from the Heart

"Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself what he has seen," Pablo Picasso.

As the daughter of an artist, I have witnessed my father, Al Sprague, put his feelings onto canvas many times. It is a process beautiful to watch. He brings to life the Panamanian culture and tells the story of a country proud of its heritage. This is why much of his work has been given across the world by representatives of Panama. It is a way to share the most important aspect of this country measuring slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina.

After a recent move to New Orleans, Louisiana, my father started painting his surroundings. His subject matter included houses, people, and flora of the area. In addition to painting on the spot, he takes his drawing book to a local bar where he captures the night life in action.

We in the family chuckle about this and say it is just like the show "Cheers". You see, my father is a recovered alcoholic and he doesn't drink. So he frequents the bar that my sister, Dagny bartends and is served ginger ale throughout the evening.

He has met so many friends and he is really enjoying his time living in the New Orleans area. When talking about his paintings and drawings he says, "This is practice for the good stuff. I am only getting better by doing this."

This "practice "is nothing new to dad. He has always carried a drawing book with him wherever he goes. It is a way to put his mind at ease and to capture his surroundings. I don't know how many drawing books he has gone through over the years but I am sure the count is close to 100 or more. He also started painting small watercolors each day to continue his "practice."

Recently in a conversation with my dad, he spoke about his recent oil, "Singing and Dancing".

He reported to me that he has discovered something new. "I am not sure exactly where it has come from, but it is a new way to paint that I have never tapped into in the past. I believe it is from all of the painting I have been doing for practice that has led me to this new way to capture the light in my work. I believe it is taking my work to another level."

Experience the beauty of Panama through Al Sprague Art, visit today. For more information on Al Sprague and his career, visit If interested in purchasing an original by Al Sprague, contact Kassie Sprague Taylor in the United States or Becky de Bolton in Panama.

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