My Heart is Warmed with Pride

I have to admit, I am a Netflix junkie! I love to surf through the many opportunities available on the network and enjoy catching up on past series episodes and great documentaries. Recently, I saw a documentary with the title "Panama Canal: Prized Possession". This quickly caught my attention and I added it to my list for future viewing.

Tonight I had the opportunity to watch the first episode which outlined the many steps taken to successfully transfer the operation of the Panama Canal to Panama, the political implications wrapped into the Panama Canal Treaty, and the pride of the Panamanians displayed throughoutPast Board Members of the Panama Canal Commission spoke about their experiences during the 25-year transfer process. I couldn't help but notice the many Al Sprague paintings flanking the walls behind them as they spoke.

Wow, what an honor for my father to have his artwork respected enough to fill the walls of the Board Room and offices of the Administration Building of the Autoridad del Canal de Panama. Over time, the Panama Canal took on a new look, new ownership, new administration, and new leadership but they insisted on keeping my father's artwork on display. As a matter of fact, they continued to commission him to paint additional pieces for their art collections including several of the Canal expansion.

I heard such pride in the voices of the Panamanians interviewed in this documentary, and I couldn't help but be proud of my father for all he has done over the years to promote and capture the beauty of the country of Panama - from the Canal to the People. It makes me even more proud to realize how much has been done to make the Canal Panama's own. The administration could have easily replaced my father's work throughout the Administration Building but they respected and considered him not only part of the history but part of the future.

Although many things have changed over the years in the administration and operation of the Panama Canal - one thing remains the same - Al Sprague's artwork is respected, cherished, and displayed with pride on the walls for all to enjoy for years to come.

What a great honor for my father and family. My heart is warmed with pride!

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