Painting the People of Panama

Experience the Beauty of Panama through Al Sprague Artwork... this has been a saying I have used for many years. My father, Al Sprague, truly captures the essence of Panama through his artwork... it isn't just the Canal or the beautiful dresses of the Pollera... it's the people... they are what makes Panama such a beautiful country. My father has a keen sense of seeing the beauty in some of the most simplistic things. He gets excited about the way the light reflects off the brightly colored fruit at the market or the different colored bottles on the cart of the raspadero. I can't count how many times we stopped the car on the way to the interior to take pictures of a vendor on the side of th

Perfect Harmony in Art

Harmony has been defined as "a pleasing combination of elements as a whole". It is something we all strive to accomplish in our lives ... may it be harmony with others or harmony within ourselves; we all seek to find that pleasing combination in all that we do in life. I believe my father, Al Sprague, has found that pleasing combination in his world of art. It was my grandmother, Josephine Sprague, who opened the door for my father to walk through and discover his love for art. My grandmother was an artist, herself, and loved to paint and create things. Later in his teenage years, my father was getting into trouble and didn't really know which direction he wanted to go in life. So my grandmo

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