Al Sprague Original Price List

Click on the images below to see price sheet for original artwork.

Price is based on subject matter and size. 

Bayano and Fishermen

Afternoon Bayano Trip.jpg
Afternoon Run.jpg
Under Way 2020 40 x 60.png
Following Sea 24 x 36 Oil 2020.png

Market Vendors

Raspadero en Verano.jpg
Raspado Naranja.jpg

New Orleans

Banjo Girl.png
Banjo Player.png
Singer in Red Dress.png
Singer with Polka Dots.png
Brass Band.png
Trombone Player.png
Saxophone Player.png
Violin Player 2020.png


Afternoon Dance
Festival of Polleras
Golden Girl.jpg
Maria en Blanco.jpg
Polleras in White.jpg
Red White and Blue, Acrylic, 11 x 14.JPG
The Heat of the Dance
Yellow Pom Pom Acrylic 11 x 14.JPG

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